Evaluation Manager (Head of Evaluation)

Mexico City

Mexico City


The Evaluation Manager will be the Head of the Evaluation department for the Sector MCA (Mexico and Central America).  This position will report directly to Head of Project Office. This person will be responsible for the disciplinary direction and providing effective provision of human resources for the Evaluation Team in the MCA sector. (The position will be based in Mexico City)

This professional also holds accountability for developing an employee-oriented culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, innovation, key employee retention and development, and high performance deliveries of function specific responsibilities, while safeguarding company policies and applicable work procedures are followed.

Including but not limited to:
  • Effective provision of the right resources in order to assure an efficient process execution
  • Continuous improvement of the capabilities of all resources as needed to meet the process requirements especially ensuring that assigned employees are trained and qualified to do their duty and tasks on a level which allows for individual as well as global flexibility
  • Supporting execution in the supervision of the correct application of defined procedures and as an active partner with respect to optimization
  • Efficient cooperation with creation especially with respect to obtain the required resources (reports, pre-analysis, etc.) in time and as needed
  • Developing the assigned employees in their professional career
  • Ensuring that infrastructure and equipment is well maintained and optimized
  • Ensuring that all relevant knowledge is maintained up to date in the relevant documentation and systems
  • Optimizing the utilization of all resources for the Evaluation Operations Team in cooperation with Business Execution and in the network with all entities globally supported by collaboration
  • Communicating on a regular base to employees general ROSEN topics such as business status, organization, strategy, etc.
  • Measuring the department performance with Resourcing performance indicators in line with the Group definitions
  • Safeguarding company policies and applicable work procedures are followed especially also that IT systems are used in a correct manner and supporting collaboration that data in our systems is correct and up to date
  • Driving business independent general applicable standards and procedures (e.g. 5S) and supporting business specific standards and procedures
  • Supporting the assigned employees with respect to quality, health and safety and ensuring the safety, security and value of all resources in general
  • Developing an employee-oriented culture that emphasizes market orientation, quality, continuous improvement and key employee retention
  • Ensuring that all resources are in line with the ROSEN brand attributes
  • Jointly with execution and collaboration decision and preparation of resources for new business lines
  • Ensuring the compliance with code of conduct and local regulations
  • Effective & efficient achieving of specified targets


The mandatory qualification for a Evaluation Manager is a Bachelor degree or relevant working experience within the area.

The job of the Evaluation Manager requires a proactive and entrepreneurial attitude, close cooperation and open communication with the Sectoral Management Team.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Spanish and English,

Prior NDT experience is a plus.
  • Must work within confidentiality nature of role;
  • Computer applications using MS Office based software;
  • Integrity and strong interpersonal skills are essential;
  • Long and short term planning, team building, problem solving and decision making.

Our Offer

You will work with national and international, dynamic and service-minded team that continuously strives for market leadership in the industries we serve.

ROSEN Mexico offers an exceptional working environment and salary commensurate with experience.
is a leading privately owned company that was established in 1981. Over the last 35 years, ROSEN has grown rapidly and is today a worldwide technology group that operates in more than 120 countries with over 3000 employees.

ROSEN offers sophisticated and highly innovative products and services to the oil and gas and other engineering industries. ROSEN is an extended team of people with a passion for technology and innovation. We are always looking for young professionals as well as experienced employees.

Our ongoing organic growth results in career opportunities and gives our employees chances for further development and added experience.

For more information about ROSEN go to www.rosen-group.com.


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