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Sales Manager

ROSEN is a leading privately owned company that was established in 1981. Over the last 35 years, ROSEN has grown rapidly and is today a worldwide technology group that operates in more than 120 countries with over 3,000 employees. ROSEN offers sophisticated and highly innovative products and services to the oil and gas and other engineering industries.
ROSEN is an extended team of people with a passion for technology and innovation. We are always looking for young professionals as well as experienced employees. Our ongoing organic growth results in career opportunities and gives our employees chances for further development and added experience.
For more information about ROSEN go to www.rosen-group.com.


Job purpose: 

  • Create deep and thorough understanding of selected customers’ organization and needs. 
  • Coordinate all our commercial activities to suit our customers’ structure and decision makers 
  • Ensures achievement of order intake revenue and gross margin targets.

Main Accountabilities:
  • Contribute regional sales force to promote and develop ROSEN’s product 
  • Develop a promotion and knowledge exchange strategy for the customer(s) together with Regional Marketing. 
  • Responsible and accountable to determine market trends and future developments 
  • Responsible and accountable to generate order intake and turn over according to targets defined by Regional Business Line Manager for selected customers 
  • Identify, analyze and assess commercial, legal, operational and technical risks during project acquisition and execution phases 
  • Clarification of tender scope of work and contract requirements 
  • Drive on-time and the best possible commercial and technical proposals together with the back office team 
  • Identifies, reviews, and negotiates Master Service Agreements. 
  • Manages, leads and/or assists as required in strategy development and actual negotiation of technical, commercial, and contractual issues with customers and suppliers. 
  • Captures lesson learns from previous dealing/tenders/projects with client, what went well, what’s goes wrong and improvement plan. 
  • Ensures the development of sustainable relationships customers representing our core values. 
  • Finds ways into the customer organization to promote and position new products and services. 
  • Sells added value 
  • Develops a commercial strategy and contributes to technical strategy for all major tenders and project acquisition targets. 
  • Develops and maintains a complete understanding of the business environment, market trends, drivers, and issues that will impact Rosen’s business. 
  • Stays up to date with latest product developments and innovations in the business line
  • Maintain specific client relationship include understand clients business highlights, current year objectives and target (OPEX/ CAPEX), risks, focus area and mitigation plan, financial overview, client previous jobs profile with ROSEN, client projects and opportunities. 
  • Establish Relationship management; client’s organization chart (decision makers), identify key organization touch point Reporting lines and interactions:
  • Operationally reporting to Regional Business Line manager(s)
  • Functionally reporting to Regional Sales Office manager
  • Directly supervises (operationally): Nil Key interactions (internally, externally):
  • Internally: Proposal & Contract, Legal, Project Teams, Project financing and operating teams.
  • Externally: Clients, suppliers, partners, subcontractors, local authorities.


Must have: 

  • 5+ years directly related sales experience in the field of complex technical solutions is required (Pipeline integrity preferred) 
  • An engineering and commercial background as well as technical capabilities and commercial acumen, is a must 
  • High level of expertise in the industry and high level of understanding around engineering products and services
  • Behavioral Competency:  Challenger selling style, able to learn from and teach customers unique insights, knowing customer and economic value drivers, and being comfortable discussing money, can pressure the customer. 
  • Planning/ Organizing/ Structuring 
  • Persuasiveness and assertiveness 
  • Holistic thinking  Attentiveness to details 
  • Customer orientation/ service attitude 
  • Achievement orientation, Ambition & Result orientation 
  • Communication 
  • Conflict Handling 
  • Teamwork and Cooperation

We offer

The function enables you to participate in a challenging environment, continuously growing.
Qualified candidates are offered the opportunity to become part of a dynamic, international and service-minded company offering integrity management and inspection services to many different industries worldwide.